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In October 2018 the BFM organized a Healthier Halloween initiative in the village of Baddeck.

With the support of Naturally Active Victoria County, Select Nova Scotia, and Stirling Fruit Farms, the Baddeck Farmers Market is teamed up with seven homes along Harvey Street and Alexander Drive to bring healthier trick or treat options to children.  The goal was not to eliminate all sugary and salty treats, but rather to bring the natural sweetness of NS grown apples to Baddeck's trick or treaters!

HH 1.jpg

On October 31st, look for these signs on the lawns of participating homes. These residents will be passing out fresh MacIntosh, Empire, and Cortland Apples from the Annapolis Valley. Yummm! 


Thanks to The Victoria Standard for helping us share the important message that all apples will be handled safely and tracked during shipment from the Annapolis Valley. Parents and guardians can be reassured that all apples have not been tampered with. Happy Halloween!

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